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    National animal of India is the Royal Bengal Tiger. This essay provides some interesting information on tiger.

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    Poaching of both Amur leopard and tigers and prey species is a serious threat.

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    05.04.2011 · For all their strength and cunning, animals like tigers, rhinos, elephants and gorillas are no match for a poacher's rifle

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    28.09.2016 · The world is dealing with an unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade, threatening to overturn decades of conservation gains. Ivory estimated to weigh ...

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    Poaching definition, the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission. See more.

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    Several threats continue to put the future of tigers at risk, but all relate to human activities like poaching, habitat destruction and degradation and even

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    Poaching is a deadly crime against wildlife. Wildlife officials say that legal hunters kill tens of millions of animals every year. For each of those animals, another ...

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    THE SOUTH CHINA TIGER. The South China tiger is the smallest of all the tiger subspecies, and it is the most critically endangered. Little is know about their exact ...

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    TIGERS. by Kyla Hume, Kyle Kacsmarik, Neill Laidlaw, Megan Lutz, and Rebecca Singleton Physical Description The tiger is the largest cat species in the world; the ...

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    Facts and information about Amur Tigers. ... Home Animals of the World Animal Photos The Animal Kingdom Animal Activities About Us Shop Contact Us